There are few greater pleasures in life than the sweet, tongue-tingling taste of pomegranate. While the fresh fruit itself has traditionally been most readily available in North American grocers in the winter months, they can now be found year-round. Consider breaking open a fresh pomegranate to use in your next dish or cocktail, or simply to enjoy on its own.

If you aren’t sure about the right way to eat a pomegranate, here is a step-by-step guide to perfectly preparing the fruit and seeds.

1. Take your pick

We recommend choosing a pomegranate with tough skin that is free from blemishes and has a nice weight. Note: the heavier your fruit is the juicer it will be.

2. Cut and score

With a sharp knife cut the crown off of your pomegranate and score the skin into quarters. You don’t need to cut through the fruit completely, you just want to slice the skin so you can break the fruit apart by hand.

3. Work it in water

Place your pomegranate into a bowl of cold water. This will help you to peel apart your quarters and loosen the seeds.

4. Pick your seeds

The fun part! Run your fingers through the flesh and peel the seeds off. Once you’ve finished peeling all four quarters you can scoop your juicy seeds and place them into a container. Pat dry with a paper towel until any excess water is absorbed.

5. Enjoy!

You can store your pomegranate seeds in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days…if they last that long.