About Us

The rise of Red Crown Pomegranate Juice

Our Roots

The tale of Red Crown pomegranate juice begins in Azerbaijan, the birthplace of founder Anar Mehdiyev. Read more on Anar’s story.

We operate with a belief that everyone should have access to healthy and organic foods. By hand-harvesting each pomegranate using the same farming methods as our ancestors, we can uphold our promise to the environment and to you: responsible cultivation of the best pomegranates in the world to produce a 100% pure and exceptionally delicious pomegranate juice.

With centuries of farming in our tradition, this promise runs deep in our roots.

The Superfruit

Red Crown’s orchards span over 400 hectares of land planted with pomegranate varieties that are native to the region. With our subtropical climate at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, we cultivate pomegranates under perfect conditions. Pomegranates have been growing here for thousands of years and our farming techniques have been passed on to us over the generations. We take pride as masters of our craft – and that’s why our juice tastes so good.

Our Red Crown promise is – and will always be – a superior juice produced in the most pristine conditions; from the ideal altitude of our orchards, to the integrity of the land, to our passion for pomegranates as the most incredible fruit on the planet.



A note from Anar

Every time we see a smile on the face of someone who has tried Red Crown, we feel a sense of pride that we managed to convey that joy, that trust in authenticity, and that friendliness to your body, which every drop of Red Crown carries. The pomegranate is truly a king of fruits.

We admire nature and endeavour to keep its crowned gift as genuine as it was when it was given to us. Every glass of Red Crown Organic Pomegranate Juice carries the same pureness and taste of the pomegranate juice our ancestors enjoyed and shared with their loved ones. We cherish our heritage.


Anar, Founder.

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