These days the word “juice” is often followed by “cleanse” as the liquids-only detox technique continues to rise in popularity. Whether you swear by them, or aren’t quite sold on them, these three tips will make your next juice cleanse a success.

1. Customize Your Cleanse

There’s no “one size fits all” juice cleanse. In order to stay healthy, happy and high energy, it’s important to choose the program that’s best for you. That could mean juicing one day per week, supplementing juices with blended foods, or even including high-protein foods like grilled chicken into your personalized detox plan.

And keep in mind that not all juice is created equal. Drinks filled with additives, preservatives and other chemicals are counter-productive so find a 100% pure juice that offers real benefits.

2. Prepare & Pamper

Even the most customized cleanse can be too hard if you aren’t adequately prepared. Instead of shocking your system, ease into your cleanse by removing dairy, meat and all unhealthy items (such as junk food, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine) at least a few days before you start.

Keep up the TLC throughout your cleanse by staying hydrated, well-rested and appropriately active. Some recommend yoga or a detoxifying massage to boost your circulation, while others suggest infrared sauna as a means to sweat out toxins without overexerting yourself.


Regardless of your preferred activity, pay close attention to how you’re feeling. The goal is never to starve, so listen to your body. If you’re feeling too hungry, drink more juice!

3. Build New Habits

The right juice cleanse will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and healthy—but the results don’t have to be temporary. Consider incorporating pure, organic juice into your regular diet to keep feeling great long-term.

Whether you add a weekly juice fast day to your meal plans, or simply improve your typical hydration routine, learn something from your cleanse and apply it to every day life.


Ensure you consult with your doctor before starting a juice cleanse.